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  I love a good story—don’t you? Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved curling up to a tale that would transport me to another place and time. Now, after having lived a while, I’m absolutely addicted to reading, writing and telling true straight-from-the-soul stories.


I’m Jenny Farrell: Author, speaker, nurse, wife, mother, grandmother, etc. We all wear lots of hats, don’t we? And I’m convinced that before you can actually write about real life, you need to have truly lived it. If for instance, you’re going to share about someone else’s pain—you need to have experienced your own share of heartache and joy.


If there’s any “secret” for my storytelling abilities—I suppose that’s it. It takes one to know one. I’m willing to pull back the curtain to reveal the “dark stuff” within my own story, as a backdrop to display the beautiful ways that God has used those experiences. From suffering past abuse, losing my mom to a drunk-driver, or struggling for years with anxiety and panic attacks, not one drop of that pain has been wasted. The Lord continues to use even my most painful moments for great good.


I’m also passionate about ministering to others as a nurse in a life-affirming pregnancy center. What a privilege it’s been to listen to the struggles and fears women have faced in an unplanned pregnancy, as well as to reveal whatever is going on in her womb through limited ultrasound. This has also been the setting where I’ve learned first-hand of the pain men and women experience after an abortion. Listening to their stories was the catalyst for writing my first published book, Ribbon of Redemption: True Stories Offering Hope and Healing after Abortion.


I have been married to my best friend for the past 37 years and counting. We have two children as well as three grandsons—all of whom have my heart.

What are a few of my favorite things? Well, I’m a sucker for romantic comedies. I like listening to music that inspires me or soothes my soul. For relaxation, I still love a good book, am an avid journaler and enjoy long walks. I especially find great joy being near the ocean, listening to the sound of the crashing waves and feeling the warm sand beneath my feet. But since I live in Iowa, strolling along the Mississippi River fills my need to be near water, until my next ocean “fix.”


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