Jenny A. Farrell - Author & Speaker


Helping Others Find Wholeness and Healing

Through Jesus Christ


Specializing in Conferences,

Women's Events and Retreats.

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    I am passionate about communicating the transforming love of Jesus Christ to audiences of all sizes.  It’s the one place where I don’t get in trouble for talking too much! It has been my honor and privilege to speak at a variety of women’s events and retreats on a number of topics. (For a complete list of topics available, click here.)  


     I am also available for banquets and conferences standing for life.  As a nurse who has met with hundreds of women considering an abortion or having already experienced one, I bring a unique perspective.  I believe that if we are able to communicate to the woman that she is precious, in both God’s sight and ours, we have the opportunity to show her that her baby has great value as well.


     Frequently I am asked to talk about what I call, “the unnamed women who had life-altering encounters with Jesus.”  I’m fascinated by these women, and by how their lives were transformed as a result of meeting their Savior.  The woman at the well and the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’s garment are two of my favorites. By using these amazing stories about women just like us, and weaving in my own journey out of fear and anxiety, I seek to give others HOPE.   I fully believe that we can be freed from a life that has been dominated by fear, guilt and shame.  Jesus came to “bind up the brokenhearted, and to set captives free.”  It is my deepest desire to lead others towards wholeness and healing, through the love and power of Jesus Christ.


    What can you expect at one of my events?  Well I love to laugh, but be sure to bring tissues as well!  I’ve been told that it seems as though I am sitting right in your living room, regardless of the size of the audience.  I guess I’m just one of the girls in pursuit of a more authentic walk with the Lord. I love to travel, so who knows, perhaps we’ll meet one day!  


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