Jenny A. Farrell - Author & Speaker


Helping Others Find Wholeness and Healing

Through Jesus Christ


Specializing in Conferences,

Women's Events and Retreats.

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Topics Available for Speaking

 If you don’t see anything that quite fits, please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.  I can adapt one of my own topics, or develop something more specific to your needs.  The following talks can be given in an evening, as well as expanded or combined to adapt for retreats and conferences.


  •  Come Thirsty:  lessons learned from the woman at the well.

         This is about a woman who felt there was no more hope, but instead finds the Answer she’s always been

          looking for.

  •  Come Expecting:  lessons learned from the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment.  

         A broken woman shows us how to get up, and press through everything that has been holding us back

          for so long.

  •  Nothing to Prove:  learning to get off the merry-go-round of comparison and competition.   

         The problem with the issue of comparison is nothing new.  This talk will help us take off the mask and

         drop our measuring stick, and find our true value in Christ alone.

  •  The Preciousness of Life:   

         I love to speak at banquets and conferences, highlighting the incredible value of both the mother and her  

        unborn child.  Utilizing my eight years of experience as a registered nurse, performing hundreds of limited

        ultrasounds at two local pregnancy centers, I talk about what it’s like to reveal the hidden life of the unborn.  

        Sharing stories from my book-in-progress, entitled “Ribbon of Redemption”,  I discuss the heartbreak of abortion,

         and the joy of seeing lives restored through sharing the power of love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.


Other topics available:

  • Addressing Anxiety

  • Finding the Ability to Forgive

  • It’s Never too Late

  • Beauty from Ashes

  • Finding Peace “In the Midst”

  • Learning to Journal Your Heart

  • Discerning the Voice of God

  • Discovering Wholeness and Healing