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My Writing Journey

   I started keeping a diary when I was quite young and seemed to have a knack for short stories and poetry at an early age. I began journaling as a young adult, and that opened up a whole new level of communication between my heavenly Father and me. I have often referred to those writings as “the muddy psalms of Jenny.” Muddy, because of course, it’s not the inspired Word of God. However, it is the place where I pour out my joys and my sorrows, my disappointments and my longings to God. And isn’t that what the psalms are really about? It is a sacred space where I can meet with the Maker of Heaven and Earth. A place where I can be completely honest with the God Who knows my thoughts before I even think them. As I write out my heart, I affirm that God is my One Thing. He’s my refuge and my strength. The One I turn to even if everything else is falling apart. I believe all those thousands of journal entries was my training ground for the future books I would one day write.


   The journey with my new book, Ribbon of Redemption: true stories offering hope and healing after abortion, began about three years ago. At least, that’s when I came up with the concept and the title. But this past October, when I was working late at the pregnancy center, I received a phone call that would push me to take action.


   The call was from a patient of mine, who told me she’d had the abortion she’d been considering. When I asked how she was doing, she began to share in detail about her abortion experience. She’d listened to the lie that said it would just be a “simple procedure” and that she would be able to easily “get on with her life.” But when she was truly frightened due to the confusion, profuse bleeding, and excruciating pain, she found herself all alone. The most difficult part for me was when she told of becoming very lightheaded from all the blood loss, yet was too ashamed to call for help. The next morning, she woke up lying in a pool of her own blood.


By the time we spoke, she had said she was doing okay. At least physically. But how about emotionally and spiritually? After feeling quite sad and crying her way through the weekend, it was obvious she was trying to bury her feelings as deeply as she could. Even over the phone, I could sense she was “picking herself up by her bootstraps” and trying her best to move on. I listened to her for a while, telling her that our doors would always be open. But once I was off the phone I just wept. She had no idea the tremendous ripple effect this one decision would have upon her life and the lives of those she deeply cared about.


   That’s when I knew I had to write this book. People needed to hear the truth! I wanted women who were considering an abortion to hear from others who had made that same choice. I also wanted those who were post-abortive to realize they weren’t alone. I prayed that by writing Ribbon of Redemption, those men and women would be able to read true accounts of how God could redeem what had been lost and stolen. That is His specialty!


   Already, I am hearing from those who have previewed the book that it’s having a very positive impact. I’m absolutely in awe of the transformation in the lives of the five women and two men who I have had the privilege of telling their story. Glory to God!


  The next project I’ll be working on is Ribbon of Redemption: navigating the waters of grief and loss. (Working title.) I will be conducting my first interview within the next couple of weeks. The story is about a young woman who has faced several pregnancy losses, along with waves of grief, fear, and doubt. Her journey is quite gripping, and I can’t wait to get started!


   In addition, I will be working on my novel, Thirsty. This is based on a true story in the Bible, about the Samaritan woman. It is found in John, chapter 4. She meets Jesus at the well in the middle of her brokenness. This woman’s whole existence was transformed.


   I’ve worked on this novel, off and on, for the past couple of years. After taking a break in order to write Ribbon of Redemption, I’m eager to get my hands on this book again. For me, writing fiction requires me to be in “the zone.” I would love to be able to write for a week straight, with no interruptions or any other responsibilities. Preferably, while looking at a lake or the ocean. Perhaps, someday …